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Why Do We Cut Cakes On Birthdays -

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We Cut the Cakes On Birthdays - when will everyone be bent over to make me stand in front of the cake and say Happy Birthday to You. And I'll cut the cake in a corner by putting all the candles in one blow.
Why Do We Cut Cakes On Birthdays

Why Do We Cut Cakes On Birthdays ?

If one birthday cake is not cut on the birthday, how is this day different from the other? But I want a birthday cake like Chocolate Cake, Cheese Cake, Black Forest Cake and also fun to have a birthday party.

Birthday was celebrated long ago. In the era of kings, their birthdays were celebrated with great glory. Because, then, it was thought that evil spirits or evil forces revolve around big people.
In the new year, the king and the king should not be harmed, so the devil would have given birth on the occasion. However, many years ago cake has been circulated.

In ancient times, the Greeks made cakes with almost round motifs. That cake was made for Artemis, the goddess of the moon. In the Middle Ages, the Germans made cake with flour to commemorate Jesus' birthday in such a way that it would seem that the baby Jesus was wrapped in cloth.

Once upon a time, the birth of young children began to be celebrated. It was called Kinderfest. Kinda means baby and fest means festival. They believed that through it the holy spirit of their children could be protected from evil spirits. Again, the ancient Romans celebrated three types of birthdays.

Personal birthdays that celebrated their friends and relatives, the birthdays of the city and the gods, and the other is the birthday of the emperor and their family members, past and present. However, many years ago, the cake was not celebrated in all the countries. For example, in Russia birthday fruit pies (one type of cake) were given to all. The soup was served in Korea. However, the birthday cake is now more prevalent in almost all the countries.
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